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The Second Perthes Honor Climb

The second honor climb!

Another climb and another 5 five Perthes kids honored! The second climb is a frequented one for me and best done with a friend for good conversation. This one is on the Second flat iron just outside of downtown Boulder. It’s a low angle/easy yet long climb at around 1000 ft or so. I went with a longtime climbing friend and a very good friend outside of climbing as well.

After a 40ish minute approach, we reached the base of our climb. The term “scramble” is often used with these famous formations which simply implies that it’s often climbed without ropes. Due to its low angle, the nature of the high friction and very solid rock. These routes are a blast to climb for a seasoned climber.

The first and last pitch are the trickiest I suppose. It was a great climb to start getting in shape for the summer season.

This climb honored 5 Perthes kids and their stories are below.

Matilda Age 4

Diagnosed: July of 2020

Hip: Left

Favorite Color: Pink

Residence: UK

“Matilda was diagnosed when she was 3. She is now 4 and is a little trooper. She suffers from pain and lots of trips and falls, so requires a disability buggy for longer distances. She is unable to join in with her older sister on the trampoline, nor can she do dance lessons which she would love to do. But, she always has a smile on her face and carriers on with strength and determination. She is amazing and teaches me daily about strength and resilience.” From her mother, Abbie


Hip: Left

Favorite Color: Blue

Residence: Texas

“Ethen is an active 8 year old who has grown up in the world of sports. Since kindergarten he has been involved in soccer and football. He signed his name as JJ Watt until second grade when he was told he has to respond to his real name. He wants to be in the NFL as a quarterback or coach when he is older. One of the hardest challenges for Ethen has been going from being active each and every single day to confined to a wheelchair. He struggles watching all his friends play sports while he can only cheer from the sidelines. Ethen will have another surgery in May of this year. He hopes that he can be walking again by Christmas. He also wants to meet other kids like him.” This is from his mom Lezlie. She graciously donated to my drive for my birthday this last holiday season. Thanks again Lezlie!


HIp: Right

Favorite Color: Shiny Silver

Residence: New York

Ryder just turned 6 is an old soul who is athletic, reasonable and positive. He loves sports, especially baseball and the Red Sox. Ryder loves all the Avengers heroes and cheetahs because they are fast. He goes day by day and is able to make the best of each one. He says he isn't too sad because he knows he will be back playing ball someday. Ryder has been inspiring so many people in our community simply by being who he is with a positive, determined personality at his young age. Friends, family and acquaintances say the kindest things about him being one of a kind. It has been so heartwarming and overwhelming. Ryder just had femoral osteotamy and tendon in groin was cut on April 13. Within a week of surgery he has been trying to be more independent and you can see how proud he is to push himself up onto a chair or not need me to prop his leg up to use the bathroom. He is open to finding new ways to have fun.


Hip: Both

Favorite Color: Red

Residence: New Jersey

Lorenzo is 4 years old. One morning he woke up with a severe limp, the next day he was diagnosed with bilateral Perthes. He uses a wheelchair, a brace, and does PT, but doesn’t let that stop him. He is an amazing kid with a positive attitude in the most challenging moments. He loves Harry Potter, swimming, Dungeons and Dragons and anything the color red.


Hip: Left

Favorite Color: Green

Residence: Nebraska

My son, Briggs, is 4. He will be 5 at the end of June. Our amazing, happy, active boy’s world all came to a halt in February. He an incidental finding on an abdominal X-ray. It is reported to be perthes disease, left worse than right. At first no pain but now has intermittently. He loves cheetahs, all super hero’s but specifically black panther. He wants to be a doctor.

Your flags will be in the mail coming your way very soon! I hope everyone is doing well and all the best.

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